Helena Oplakanska

Click Here to go to Helena Oplakanska's page on our site. This amazing artist from the Ukraine creates strictly ooak work. She purposely dyes her fabrics to appear somewhat used. She wants her dolls to be true to life! See more details on the link above.

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"Waiting for a Celebration" - This happy pretty girl with bunny is available  - brand new! Email kmalone@dollery.com.

She is waiting for celebrations and gifts.  She is 47 cm. The legs and arms can move. The head - is fixed. The hat can be removed. Shoes - thin leather. The bunny was specially created for this doll (OAAK, bonus, wood).  Email kmalone@dollery.com or call 781-248-2464 directly or 781-447-6677. Special.

Vasilisa, $2,850.00 usd -  One of a kind - Available - IN STOCK 
See something you like but it is sold?  Consider doing a Custom Order.  Helena will not do exact dolls but if you like a certain "feel" of a dolls already sold, let us know.  Each is a one of a kind but similar themes or looks can be achieved.  Different hair, eye and costume colors of your choice! 25% down and then you can either make monthly payments or pay the balance when the piece comes in.  You can even request pieces to come in into 2015.  Send an email to Kim at kmalone@dollery.com to be put on our Email List for notifications of particular artists you are interested in.


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