2007 Nadine & Zar
by Catherine Mather


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One owner.  No smoke, no odors, no pets.  Has been displayed in glass enclosed curio.

Has been displayed behind glass in a dark doll room. Have original box from Australia Stand measures 6 x 14 (15cm x 35.5cm).  Doll height is 18.5" (47cm). Limited 15 edition

Strolling down the avenue, Nadine and Zar, her Russian wolf hound.  Nadine is dressed in ivory silk jersey.  Her Art Nouveau ensemble features a hobble skirt and jacket with stand up collar, ivory gloves, shoes and a striking black and ivory tower hat are a wonderful combination.  Zar is hand made in porcelain and mohair.  They are displayed on a faux marble stand. 


Here is an original image from the Artist.







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