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Tom Francirek
Hear the Artist Update: Tom and Andre' will be attending our 2005 doll show this year and will be introducing a brand new child doll never shown before!  We also have their beautiful new "Tess" One of a kind costumed doll. Each has one of a kind costuming, hair and eye color. The gorgeous "Tess" below is sold but we have two new "Tess" sculpts in completely different costuming coming in for the show. Please email for details. These new "Tess" ladies will be shown on our On line show beg. Oct. 7th. If you are interested you may have some input on the "Tess" you would like if you contact us in Sept. You may also call 800-447-3655 ext 15 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 15 in Ma.

TOM FRANCIREK & ANDRE OLIVEIRA-  Our 15th Anniversary Show was Tom and Andre’s first store show appearance in the U.S. ever! We knew they were rising stars. Tom’s artistic involvement began in the late 1980’s at Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Here, he learned the age old tradition & the lost art of wax figure making from the early stage of sculpting to the final stages of inserting human hair by a single strand. In 1995, Andre joined Tom as his assistant and they soon formed a partnership. Although these artists have been creating dolls for years, avid collectors have been buying them before they ever hit the market! It is for this reason that their work didn't really become available until 1997. The wax dolls they produce sell from $6,000.00 and up and they usually produce only 4-6 one-of-a-kind wax dolls and 2 different porcelain dolls yearly. Remember to notice the attention to detail in the painting of the eyes, the beautiful handmade mohair wigs and the 100% natural fibers which adorn all their dolls.


Francirek & Oliveira Girl Doll for Doll Show









Gorgeous Dolls
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Brand new sculpt! Wig and outfit will vary! Will be introduced at our 17th Annual Doll Show! 

Ltd. 10 , porcelain w/armature.$3,100.00


Brand new sculpt! Wig and outfit will vary! Will be introduced at our 17th Annual Doll Show! 

Ltd. 10 , porcelain w/armature.$3,300.00

Eve Ltd. 10 (sculpt) - Porcelain with armature

Eve is a sold out limited edition. One left in this outfit. This is the actual doll photographed that is available!

$3,400.00 Dollery Priced: $3,060.00


Eve New For 1999

Ltd. 10 (sculpt) - Porcelain with armature. Eve is a sold out limited edition.
In a one-of a-kind outfit. Available. Stunning!

$4,000.00 - Show priced - $3,600.00

Clarice Ltd. 10 (sculpt) - Porcelain Edition Limited - Clay Bust. One left.

$3,400.00 Show Priced: $3,060.00


Ltd. 10 (sculpt) - Porcelain with armature

$3,400.00 SOLD

Constance - Hear the Artist

Ltd. 10 (sculpt) - Porcelain - This doll is available. One other available. One-of-a-kind outfit - Sold out Edition Nationally. This is the actual doll.

$3,000.00 Dollery Special: $2,700 .00

One-of-a-Kind Wax Doll

Not for sale - Sample only.

Hear the Artist

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