O n e - o f - a - K i n d   A r t i s t s

This Section of the show  features one-of-a-kind work only from 27 artists: Anna Abigail Brahms, Joan Blackwood, Lucia Freidericy,  Anne Hieronymus, Jane Bradbury, Jamie Williamson, Julie Fischer, Susan Snodgrass, Linda Kertzman, Sarah Niemela, Audrey Swarz, Hanna Goetz, Stephanie Cauley,   Flo Hanover, Diane Keeler, Diane Troutman, Sylvia Weser, Debra Lynn, Gerda Schaarman-Rijsdijk and others are participating this year - see below. Also - one of a kind work from Susan Krey, Berdine Creedy, Emily Garthright, Elissa Glassgold and Karen Alderson who also have small limited edition dolls as well (see Small limited Edition Artists section). 



   JAMIE WILLIAMSON - complete


LINDA KERTZMAN  - complete - updated Mon 11:55am

JOAN BLACKWOOD - Complete - updated Sun 1:05pm

JANE BRADBURY - complete - updated Mon 1:05pm



ANNE HIERONYMUS - complete - UPDATED 11/17/03

FRIEDERICY -complete - updated 11/12/03



JULIE FISCHER - complete - updated 11/12/03

ELISSA GLASSGOLD  - NOT complete - see update Mon 1:15pm

SARAH NIEMELA  - complete - see update Mon 1:20pm



AUDREY SWARZ  - complete- UPDATED 11/12/03

FLO HANOVER - updated Sun, 4:15pm


STEPHANIE CAULEY - complete - updated Mon 4:15pm

SYLVIA WESER - complete - updated Mon 1:10pm


DEBRA LYNN NOVAK - updated Sun noon.

HANNA GOETZ - complete



SUSAN KREY - complete - Please see updated prices.  We had them incorrect! - Mon 1:20pm






SUSAN SNODGRASS - complete - updated Mon 8:40pm

DIANE KEELER - updated 2:10 Tuesday



GERDA SCHAARMAN-RIJSDIJK - complete - updated Sun 5:51


DIANE TROUTMAN - complete - updated Mon 1:25pm



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