Welcome to our 9th Annual On-line Show which runs in conjunction with our 24th Annual In-Store Doll Show!

Many Thanks to all that participated in our Oct. 2006 Doll Show. Be sure to see the articles in Dollreader, Dolls and Contemporary Dolls magazine covering our show. Our next on-line show and in store show begins Oct. 5th 2007 at 6pm EST. Be sure to email kmalone@dollery.com to receive our free 24 page full color show catalogue highlighting this year's show. Some of the work shown below is still available and not on the pages of the individual artists yet so be sure to inquire!

Our on-line show features work from over 38 o/k and small ltd. artists created especially for our show! The show began Oct. 6th and will continue to be featured as our main page of the site thru Oct. 28th. After that the on-line show can be accessed from our normal website but not all the work featured will be available. To view over 10,000 more dolls on our regular site click above on Main Dollery Home!

The On-line Show opened at 6pm EST, Friday, October 6th - Continues thru Oct. 28th.

Kim Malone and a very special customer from England, Jean at our 2006 Doll Show!

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Many, many thanks to all of our valued customers and the amazing talented team of artists that participated in our show this year and helped to make it a success! We so appreciate it! We apologize for the delay Fri. night getting the site up as our service provider had a problem on their end. We also apologize for not having Silke's link to her up until Sat. If you want to inquire on a piece please email kmalone@dollery.com or call 800-447-Doll ext 15 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 15 or you may dial 11 for our sales floor Mon-Sat. 10-5pm EST. The majority of the work on the show is available def. thru the end of the month. Many thanks to all who participated in our annual on line vote! We apologize for the delay in getting the results up! Stay tuned in....we will calculate the votes and post the results by the end of the week!


Please REFRESH your screen periodically as we will continue to update work thru the night Friday and all day Saturday & Sunday if we are unable to get it all up on Friday night. This year we feel 95% will def. be up by 8pm on Friday. We will mark artists as having been completely posted or updated as we post images to their pages. Thanks for visiting and enjoy! Be sure to email kmalone@dollery.com to be added to our mailing list for next year's free catalogue! We will also send you a copy of this years show catalogue. ALL PHOTOS OF ONE OF A KIND WORK AND NEW SMALL LIMITED EDITION WORK ON THE SHOW HAVE BEEN AUTHORIZED TO BE POSTED ON THE SHOW BY ARTISTS PARTICIPATING. THESE PHOTOS ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE DOLLERY AND CAN NOT BE COPIED OFF THIS SITE WITHOUT CONSENT.