Cast your Vote

Oct. 9th & 10th!

Votes will be combined with the in store customer votes and one lucky winner will be drawn out of the entrees and will win a Free Doll!  Votes must include all the information below to be eligible for drawing.  Just cut and paste the questions below and email your answers to .

Please title your subject line - DOLL SHOW VOTE.


Include the following:

Name, Address, Phone number with Area Code,

Email Address & any specific artists you collect 

Vote Questions -

1. Your Favorite Artist participating and or attending in the Show

2. Your Favorite One-of-a-kind doll in the Show

3. Your Favorite Small Limited Edition doll in the Show

4. Doll Artists which aren't in our Show that you would like to see on our on-line Show and in-store Show next year or in the future.

5. Your Favorite medium, for example; vinyl, porcelain, cernit, Modelene, super sculpey, resin, felt, wood or other.

6. Your Favorite doll size.

7. Your Favorite vinyl doll in the Show.

8. Your Favorite porcelain doll in the Show.

9. Your Favorite Artist who did not directly participate in the Show.

10.  Are you interested in 1/12 scale miniature dolls & doll houses?

11.  Are you interested in a secondary market listing & brokeraging service?

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