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Our 27th Annual doll show was held Oct 2009.  Feel free to contact kmalone@dollery.com with any questions you may have on availability. Be sure to let us know your favorite artists so we can keep you up to date on our artist's work throughout the year. If you haven't already received a hard copy of our doll show catalogue be sure also to email us your address and number for a FREE copy! First time buyers save 10% off suggested retail on any one doll of their choice as a first time buyer. You can also download a copy of our Preview show catalogue by clicking below. This just scratches the surface of the dolls shown here though.

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 FOR THE NEW 2009 DOLL SHOW CATALOGUE MAILING NOW HIGHLIGHTING THE SHOW! EMAIL kmalone@dollery.com  - Remember, this does not show all the dolls on this on line show so be sure to keep scrolling down!




Updated 10/19/09 with all new work!


One of a Kind dressed dolls. 
Limited edition sculpts of 15!!!!!!

New 23" inch dolls for a price you won't believe!


updated 10/16/09 - with full shots of gorgeous Anna. We are taking custom orders for sold dolls in the editions or others w/special hair,eye and costuming design and colors. Inquire now - kmalone@dollery.com .




*Be sure to email kmalone@dollery.com about custom ordering your Jamie Williamson piece. We have an Exclusive on her angels, fairies and princesses. We also take custom orders on many other dolls.



Well, Anna's lady dolls never last long and we are sorry the 2nd one wasn't completed in time but be sure to email kmalone@dollery.com if you are interested in seeing the completed doll. Also - do not miss these fairies! Very reasonably priced and the Acorn fairy - so so so cute!



Okay, Wow........what gorgeous pieces - do not miss the little moon piece - what a great buy! Of course our Exclusive flappers are to die for and the New Flamenco - wow......... Extended layaway available.






Extraordinary porcelain - these hand painted eyes are to die for and far better in person! Be sure not to miss all the latest full color shots of these dolls in the recent magazines.


Don't miss Silke's new 1/12 doll house scale miniatures on the bottom of her page!

Well, we got them.... wonderful.  Silkes dolls just arrived Saturday morning.  Late arrivals but worth the wait. Sooo pretty in person. Remember, not much available at all in this size this year. Taking custom orders now too for witches in the 12" - 15" inch sizes!


Well, quickly off to new homes but customers interested should consider custom ordering the doll of their dreams. Rotraut has told me she will only do 4-5 dolls a year from now on! See one you loved? Email kmalone@dollery.com to see what we can do.


Okay, these are among thee very best we have seen from her! Do not miss this opportunity to add an Friedericy to your collection. Perfect for the customer that has been considering her work but want a new softer look - and seasoned collectors.........these shine! Extended layaway.


OkOkay, these Asians are so so so cute! We love the new size! Adorable and so affordable! Great selection. Stephanie didn't even do Idex last year........ now is the time to have your choice.



updated - Jane just keeps doing a wonderful job for us! Collectors - if you loved the little baby - order one! $500.00 and so so so sweet. Sorry, no more carraiges. Want a larger size? Go for the 13" inch for $800.00. Alice lover? Did you miss her? Look at all the wonderful Alice's we have had and order yours custom! Many other options. The boy was suppose to have his flower girl w/him- interested? Email us for photos when she is complete!



Sarah -outstanding job.








Priceless - sorry, all gone and taking custom orders into next fall - inquire if you want to do an order or want notification on new pieces.


 Sorry......just not ready yet.......will update site as soon as done but be sure to get on our mailing list for her work!



 Time to fly.....this fairy is ready for her new home. Take a look at the beautiful hand painted wings. Many options for Exclusive custom Monarch fairies, Gypsy Moth fairies and more - inquire.




Time to go.....Beautiful and ready to find a home.



Special Values for the sweetest little faces! Awesome show priced dolls!

 Updated 10/17/09


One of a Kind themed dolls. To be clear THESE ARE NOT ONE OF A KIND SCULPTS - each is hand decorated w/similar feel but each is different to a certain extent.

Be sure to inquire on our special values.



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