1997 Gemma

by John & Angela Barker




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Ltd. 50 - Porcelain/Armature - Comp Body Gemma is done in the Edwardian Double Breasted Coat (see below) or in the Cinderella type ball gown as shown here. John has come up with an extremely unique design on his bodies. The waist is actually able to move in all directions as if the doll could actually do the hool a hoop. This is very different. It is unlike armature or traditional jointed porcelain bodies. The dolls head is porcelain along with the hands and feet. The body and legs are composition. Angela has enough of the material to make only about 2 or 3 more dolls in this fabric and the rest of the edition will be done in other outfits. If you would like to order her a 25% deposit down is required. The balance is due when the doll comes in. We can work with you on delivery dates. She is a beauty and the dolls we have received have come in mint condition all the way from England.

Dollery Inspection Results: This doll has been inspected, great condition, no original stand or box but we will include a stand. Certificate on wrist. Excellent condition.








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