2000 Inga
by Sissel Skille for Gotz




Contact Kim at kmalone@dollery.com or call 1-781-447-6677  www.dollery.com

Unlimited edition, 26.5" (67cm) vinyl with cloth body, glass blown brown eyes, brown Kanekalon hair (I had incorrectly stated human hair).

Non-smoking, no pet home.  Has hang-tag certificate. Has random Gotz box.  Stand is not included.

Seller is 2nd owner and never displayed her.

DOLLERY INSPECTION RESULTS:  Doll is here at the store and has been inspected.  Great condition.  Has Red Gotz box.  Has hang-tag on wrist.  No odd smells.  Clothing and doll are in excellent condition.



She does have her jacket but I forgot to photograph her wearing it.

One sock looks a little lighter than the other when I look at this picture but I didn't notice it when I was handling the doll.







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