2004 Amelia
by Diane Keeler




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1/K, Polymer Clay, 19" (48cm), blond mohair, painted eyes. Has been displayed. Never had a box.

Polymer Clay, hand dyed blond mohair, hand painted blue grey eyes, 19 inches
She is wearing a hand sewn mesh headpiece with tiny bronze beads.  Her top is ribbon brocade which laces up the back with eyelets and trimmed in a champagne and gold edging.  Her sleeves are hand dyed silk.  Her skirt is bronze and blue iridescent silk velvet also trimmed in the champagne and gold trim.  She is wearing a wire necklace with bronze beads.
This doll has a completely new breast plate so it is in mint condition again. Doll's breastplate has been re-done by Diane Keeler.

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