Lorella Falconi Biography 

This self taught Italian artist, who now resides in Canada, began her career in doll artistry in 1988.  She began in antique reproductions and in 1994 began reproducing modern dolls.  She soon received a Magge Award for Dolls in Dimensional Doll Painting and in 2002 a Rolf Ericson Award for Original Dolls.  She now sculpts only porcelain original dolls in small limited editions or as one-of-a-kinds.  Lorella’s dolls range in size from 6” to 30.”  She creates fairies, fantasy, ladies, children and Lorikins.  Lorella designs every aspect of her dolls.  We love her hand painted eyes, beautiful faces and elegant costuming.  Her first showing at Idex was in 2008.  We fell in love with her gorgeous fairies sitting atop Amethyst quartz geodes.  This year she began sculpting ball jointed porcelain dolls in limited editions of 50 and has been more popular than ever.