Gerda Schaarman-Rijsdijk

Bio info directly from Gerda - Hi I am Gerda, have the Dutch nationality but now living in Spain in a beautiful valley with vineyards. An area full of inspiration for all my artistic activities. Being a fashion designer I turned to doll art in 1988. My introduction into the United States started with an article in the May 1990 issue of Doll Reader. Since then I experienced great appreciation for my talent, craftsmanship, artistry and wide creativity.

Notes from various publications :
"Gerda Schaarman Rijsdijk is the artist behind GSR art dolls. She is a highly talented autodidact sculptor using different mediums and is very committed to her creations with strong feeling for detail. With her fashion designer roots she pursues constantly a challenge in style and design. This resulted and is still resulting overtime - with great talent for creativity - in surprising style evolutions and
artistic visions in her work ...but always with a red thread of her so recognizable art style. Of which the clothing design and finishing, the harmony in color setting, the hand painting and the emotion are an integrated part."- Fashion in the centre of her mind transforms her creations into works of art-