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B.F.A. Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, PA
M.A. Applied Psychology, University of Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA

Fantasy, especially fairies has always characterized my work as an artist. I spent from 1979 to 1996 working in collaboration with Susan Snodgrass. I now design all the clothing, choose the fabric and accessories as well as sculpt, clean and paint every doll myself. I am striving to get beyond being "the teacup fairy lady". There is always the temptation to make one and occasionally they show up in my work. In the past three years I have been on a journey to find a new expression while continuing to create dolls that awaken the joy, spirit and imagination of childhood. I am exploring newly awakened feelings of romance, sensuality, power and passion.

Using traditional doll making techniques (my own plaster molds, porcelain slip and china paints) I find myself striving to go beyond its limitations. In my Stephanie's Garden series I use molded figures and then sculpt individual delicate flower bonnets which are china painted. These 2 1/2 inch dolls have jointed arms. Also included in this series are a bee, a bug, a snail and an elf riding on a frog. A spin off of these called Floral Whimsies is being produced by the Georgetown Collection.

The Babes in the Woods series breaks with the tradition of using fabric and utilizes natural materials. Lichens for hair and clothing, acorns for hats and cicadas for wings. Some have their own little wooden chairs and beds. Although each of these figures come out of my original molds I re-sculpt each one by cutting and turning heads, moving arms and legs and fingers and toes giving each its own unique little personality.

Originally inspired by The Kiss by Gustav Klimt Renaissance Romance was created by sculpting two individual figures and making molds. With the porcelain casts of these two figures I re-sculpted them together, cut them apart and made my final molds.

I love creating costumes that include bits of antique fabric, lace & trim lovingly collected and salvaged from other time periods then given a new life on my dolls. I have been working with some historical costuming on my larger one of a kinds. Renaissance Romance, Shakespearean Sonnet , Odalisque and Amorous Liaisons are a few examples.

Although my work is small in scale I enjoy including intricate detail so that living with my work is contemplative and a constant discovery. Their diminutive size also enables the viewer the opportunity to hold some of them in the palm of their hand for a closer, more intimate look.


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