Bets & Amy van Boxel


About the artists (courtesy of Bets & Amy Van Boxel) -  Her whole life Bets van Boxel  says was fascinated by people. At first she expressed herself by painting and drawing people, but soon she wanted to make them three-dimensional, so their posture, facial expression and every detail of their clothing would show to full advantage. The material that Bets uses is porcelain. Porcelain is a material that survives through centuries and it has the right "skin" to make the doll as lifelike as possible. Common people in their natural surroundings inspire her. The children, the sphere of the country and its people Jos and Bets meet on their journeys, will be translated into a doll. In order to make her dolls lifelike she uses, when possible, the authentic cloth and accessories which they bring home from the different countries.  Every doll has handcrafted crystal eyes and a wig from human hair or mohair.  After her education at the Design Academy daughter Amy van Boxel started her own small business. In 1996 Amy joined her parents  and now she makes her own collection of dolls.  -  Direct quote of Bio direct  from Bets & Amy Van Boxel