Jane Bradbury Biography

This 36 year veteran in the art and doll world has won numerous awards in the doll industry and has stood the test of time. She has made dolls for Disney World’s Doll and Teddy Bear Show and for HSN when her dolls were reproduced in resin for sale on TV. She now works exclusively for the Dollery. 

Jane first worked in porcelain but changed over to translucent Fimo to produce her one-of-a- kind creations. Several years ago the German company that produces Fimo changed it’s recipe and the new clay was very difficult on Jane’s hands. It was then that Jane thought of retiring. She still loves to make dolls though, and has found a way to add another polymer clay into the Fimo to make a better mix for her hands. She still suffers from tendonitis so her dolls are smaller (under 23”) and she is making fewer each year. One type of doll she has expressed interest in making is a “likeness” doll…. not quite a portrait but a doll based on pictures of a real child. All orders for “likeness’ dolls would first have to have pictures approved in advance.

   Jane sometimes pairs her dolls with hand-painted velvet covered polymer clay animals.  She has a unique gift for bringing her dolls and animals to life with realistic and endearing expressions.  She continues to be very popular with our customers and there is a constant small waiting list for her custom dolls.  She has made us countless Alice in Wonderland pieces and not one has been exactly the same.

Jane designs and sews beautiful costumes for her dolls using different fabrics including silks, taffetas and lace.  She also shops vintage stores for unique chairs, trunks, and stools for the dolls and repaints, stains and re-upholsters them herself.  Most of the arms and legs of the dolls are fully sculpted and wired. The dolls that she creates have heads that can be posed.  She uses glass eyes and human hair or mohair.  She dyes the mohair herself and makes all the doll wigs. She even usually makes her own shoes.