Berdine Creedy

Berdine was born in South African and grew up on a wheat farm out in the country. She trained as a school teacher and taught pottery for many years before doll making.  In 1996 she immigrated to Florida to expand her doll business and conduct seminars in sculpting and mold making.  Berdine says she has a vision to succeed in her quest to leave behind a range of dolls that future generations with love.   Berdine is a charming artist. Up until a few years Berdine focused on only her original dolls  hand made completely by her. She only created under 10 original doll artist dolls in editions of under 20 pieces each a year and a handful of one-of-a-kinds. In recent year's Berdine has expanded into designing these adorable smaller sized vinyl dolls. They are all in small editions most of which sell out quickly.