2011 - Just updated w/current availability. Be sure not to miss our sale page for great deals on Edna's world renowned work. These beautiful wax over porcelain dolls were created especially for our shop.

Edna Dali from Israel attended one of our earliest doll shows way back in the early eighties. She came to our show for the first ten years and every year she sold out of her fimo full body sculpts! Later she focused on wax over porcelain dolls which are equally magnificent. Edna joined us for our 16th & 17th Doll shows in 1998 and 1999 in addition to over 10 years of shows in the eighties. She has created some really special one of a kinds below just for the dollery. Enjoy and feel free to email kmalone@dollery.com with any questions you may have. Edna is featured here to the left at our doll show.


Wax over porcelain Dolls Exclusive to the Dollery
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Forest Fairy Lady

Wax over porcelain, One of a kind outfit. Gorgeous human hair wig, removable fabric wings. 

$3,200.00 - SOLD

Teenage Girl

Wax over porcelain, One of a kind outfit 


Eighteenth Century Lady

$3,600.00  SOLD

Renaissance Lady
Gorgeous human hair blonde wig, antique dark bronze velvet, matching brocade embroidery, leather shoes. Picture does nothing for it. Wax over porcelain. One of a kind outfit, 28" inches. $3,200.00 In Stock & Ready to Ship On Sale - $2,100
One-of-a-kind Lady 

One of a kind dressed lady doll. Gorgeous human hair red wig. Beautiful green velvet gown, wax over porcelain, 33" inches tall. $3,000.00 In Stock & Ready to Ship On Sale - $1,800


Girl with Duck

Call on availability

Small limited edition dolls for 1999
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Ltd 10, 31" inches, Porcelain, Gold embroidered brocade dress & Turban - Call on availability



Ltd 10, 27 inches, Porcelain, Raw silk dress with trim, Bonnet & Kite - call on availability


Ltd. 10, 30" inches, Porcelain, "Gone with the Wind", Silk velvet dress and hat - Call on availability



Ltd.10, 32" inches, Porcelain, Silk taffeta dress with embroidered tulle & Bonnet - Call on availability



Ltd 10, 22" inches, Porcelain, Silk Taffeta dress & Knitted straw hat - Call on availability


1998 & Prior Dolls
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Other one-of-a-kinds with this face may be special ordered. E-mail for details.

  Pear Lass

Ltd. 25 USA, 25 Europe - 22" - Porcelain

Wax/Porcelain In One-of-a-Kind Outfit

  Blue Berry Girl

22", Proc. Ltd. 25 USA - 25 Europe


  Apple Baby

15", Porc. Ltd. 25 USA - 25 Europe



Original Fimo Dolls & Samples
of Wax Over Porcelains
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  Sister Set of Two

One of a Kind - In stock - Fimo

$1999.99 Dollery Priced - SOLD


Wax over porcelain

$1,800.00 SOLD

  Pregnant Woman

One of a Kind - In stock - Fimo

$4,999,99  SOLD

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