Julie Fischer

Julie, a Wisconsin native, has been sculpting in a combination of cernit and super sculpey since she was a teenager but was not really discovered until about  seven years ago.  Since then her work has become extremely high in demand. Julie has participated in our 18th thru our 28th annual doll shows. She personally appeared at our 20th show.  The attention to detail in her pieces and their affordable price tags make them a must for any collection.  Be sure to email Kim at kmalone@dollery.com with your name, address and phone number along with your email address to be added to our Julie Fischer mailing list for updates on her work. They never last long! Julies dolls are all one-of-a-kinds in cernit and sculpey mix, cloth bodies with armature in the arms and legs. Most of the heads do  move now in recent years. Her dolls range in size from as small as 6 inches to about 25" but most are 18" to 28 inches tall. We have updated our availability below. We have had many other dolls not shown here thru the years.