Tom Francirek & Andre Oliveira Dolls

Our 15th Anniversary Show in 1997 was Tom and Andre’s first store show appearance in the U.S. ever! We knew they were rising stars. Tom’s artistic involvement began in the late 1980’s at Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Here, he learned the age old tradition & the lost art of wax figure making from the early stage of sculpting to the final stages of inserting human hair by a single strand. In 1995, Andre joined Tom as his assistant and they soon formed a partnership. Although these artists have been creating dolls for years, avid collectors have been buying them before they ever hit the market! It is for this reason that their work didn't really become available until 1997. The wax dolls they produced sold from $6,000.00 usd and up and they usually produced only 4-6 one-of-a-kind wax dolls and 2 different porcelain dolls yearly. Remember to notice the attention to detail in the painting of the eyes, the beautiful handmade mohair wigs and the 100% natural fibers which adorn all their dolls.

It has been a true privilege to have had Tom and Andre participate in our annual shows for almost 2 decades.  From the very beginning, their elegant dolls attracted a loyal following with collectors, in large part due to the quality, artistry and beauty of their designs.  They work tirelessly at perfecting their craft, which is evident in every piece that leaves their studio.  Their vast knowledge of fabrics, style and appreciation for all things beautiful is unsurpassed.  They have accumulated an extensive collection of antique laces over the years.  When modern fabrics are incorporated into their costuming, only the finest silks, cottons and embroidered French laces are used.  Antique laces, vintage milliner’s trims, and antique silk flowers are used to embellish and adorn each of their creations. Now their porcelain editions are very small and usually range from 10 to 15 pieces.  However, when collectors purchase a “Francirek & Oliveira” edition piece, each is essentially a one of a kind.  No two pieces are alike, as each edition piece has a uniquely designed gown as well as hair color and/or style.  Only the finest angora mohair or human hair is used in the creation of their wigs.  Eyes are painstakingly painted by hand with multiple fires to achieve a very realistic look.  The ladies and girls they create, all have the Francirek signature portrait painted eyes that not only gives them a life-like look but also a very dreamy and romantic feel.

If interested, arrangements for special custom one of a kind orders can be discussed with Kim at or by calling 781-447-6677 at the Dollery.