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Joke Grobben

2007 Update:  So sorry but we no longer have any of Joke Grobben's older work available. We do continue to carry Goetz dolls. If you are interested in specific work please feel free to email or call 800-447-Doll out of state or 781-447-6677 in Ma.

 Sample of some of previous years Dolls
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  Marije & Poppetje

Ltd. 1000, vinyl, 27" inches  - doll 8" inches

$795.00  SOLD OUT



Ltd. 1000, vinyl, 27.5" inches 

$695.00  SOLD OUT


  Celina & Poppetje

Ltd. 1000, vinyl, 27"  inches, 8" inches for doll 

$725.00  Sold Out



Ltd. 1000, vinyl, 25.5 inches  

$695.00  SOLD OUT



Ltd. 750, vinyl, 25.5 inches  

$695.00  SOLD OUT


  Anne Marie

Ltd. 25, porcelain,27.5 inches  

$3900.00  SOLD OUT

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