2010 Hildegard Gunzel Porcelain Dolls!

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2010 Wax over Porcelain dolls by Hildegard Gunzel

Riccarda- Elodie Version - Ltd. to just 4 in this costuming.  $7,950.00 -  EDITION NOW SOLD OUT WORLD WIDE

Riccarda-Elodie is from the edition of 20 from head Riccarda (sitting) from Line 2010. That means, Hildegard will offer 4 of these dolls.  Another possibility is to get her in the outfit of Riccarda-Columbine (shown below her here). The price for Riccarda-Columbine is $8,250.00.

 $8,250.00, Riccarda-Columbine (below) is from the edition of 20 from head Riccarda (sitting) from 2010 line. Contact kmalone@dollery.com for more info or call.



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Snow White, $8,250.00
Dollery Favorite 
We have SOLD OUT and so has Gunzel.  If you would like to be put on our Waiting List for a 2nd market Snow White let us know. kmalone@dollery.com

Cast in “Dresden”porcelain, limited Edition 20 worldwide

87 cm / 34" standing

Dark brown genuine hair wig with plaited pigtails and silk velvet ribbon, pinned up to swings and fixed with white bows. Hand-blown glass eyes, grey-brown. Silk velvet dress with lavishly smocked top and sleeves. Ornamented with glass beads and silk velvet ribbon matching in colour. Neck border made of delicate silk tulle frills. Underskirt made of silk tulle frills in several layers. Big tie made of silk taffeta on the back. Leather loafers with velvet ribbons at the ankles.

Accessory: Two dwarfs – Grumdin and Thorgrim (Design: “Christine Green”)



Alice in Wonderland, $7,770.00 - we have one listed for sale on our Secondary Market Page.  Click here.

This doll is SOLD OUT through Gunzel.  Please email kmalone@dollery.com

LE/20 worldwide
76 cm sitting/29.5"
Blond, lavish curly human hair with ribbons.  Hand-blown blue glass eyes.  Delicate silk dress with pastel colored flower design. Lavish undergarment with numerous tulle frills, bordered with ribbons in different pastel shades.  Fine apron made of georgette, decorated with a matching hand-smocked yoke.  Comes with White Rabbit, made of silk mohair with clock.  Little card bear made of silk mohair.

(Both designs: “Isolde von Malchus”)

A Flamingo chair in matching pastel shades can be purchased separately.  (Design: “Studio Schmelter & Heine”) $1,650.00

Ballerina - Danseuse, $8,250.00
Cast in "Dresden" porcelain. LE/20 worldwide
103cm /40.5" standing
Braided blond hair coiled around the head .  Hand-blown glass eyes are grey-brown.  Romantic ballet dress: Corsage top made of silk taffeta, hand -embroidered with precious silver thread embroidery and bead-work after antique model. Frill sleeve border made of silk tulle. Tutu made of finest white silk tulle in several layers.  Decorative velvet neck ribbon.  White tights and ballet shoes.  Comes with Teddy bear "Ballettina" made of white silk mohair. 

(Design: “Isolde von Malchus”)

Constance, $10,750.00 - SOLD - contact kmalone@dollery.com We have one available on our Secondary Market Page for less money!

Limited Edition 10 worldwide

105 cm / 41" standing

Lavish curly human hair in different shades of blonde. Hand-blown glass eyes,midbrown.   Dress in Empire style. Skirt made of finest French silk taffeta. Top made of delicate lace.Waist-long jacket with long sleeves made of precious silk brocade with pastel-coloured silk cord ornaments and buttons at the underarm. Silk cord with bead border and tassels. Undergarment made of fine cotton with lace trims. Soft leather shoes with bows and cord ornaments. Big sisal hat with marabou feather trimming.

Accessory: Afghan hound“Vienna von Baghlah” (height of the head 68 cm / 26.5"), head and legs made of porcelain (Design: “Hildegard GŁnzel”),angora goat fur body (Design: “Annette Rauch”)

Ginger, $7,100.00

Limited Edition 20 worldwide

86 cm / 33.5" standing

Ginger curly human hair wig.  Hand-blown glass eyes, light brown.

Silk duchesse dress with balloon skirt. Sleeves and neck border lavishly made of tulle frills. Top made of silk ribbons, plaited to macrame, with fringe border. Underskirt made of silk tulle frills.  Leather boots with silk ribbons as laces.

Accessory: Bag made of fine lamb nappa leather with Googly doll: Kestner replica, series no. 221 (Design: “Ute Mareczek”)

Inara, $8,950.00

Special Edition 10 worldwide (Available in different variations)

96 cm / 38" standing

Black genuine hair wig. Hand-blown glass eyes,mid-brown.

(This description is for a different outfit than pictured to the left.) Poncho made of finest woolen cloth, fur collar removable by unbuttoning. Cashmere pullover, light woolen trousers with buttons and fur pompoms. Cap made of rabbit fur. Cashmere gauntlets and leather boots.


Isaura-Lorraine, $8,250.00

Cast in “Dresden”porcelain, limited Edition 20 worldwide

87 cm / 34" standing

Genuine hair wig with light brown curls. Hand-blown glass eyes, green-grey.

Gossamer dress in Biedermeier style made of cotton voile with silk undergarment matching in colour. Decoration made of patched silk velvet ribbons and hand-made blossom applications in delicate pastel shades. White cotton underpants with lace border. Leather strap shoes, trimmed with strings and ribbons matching the dress in colour. Bonnet with ribbon ornaments and silk taffeta ribbon. (Bonnet will be delivered in enhanced design)

Accessory: Little pulling cart with musical clock and little doll on a swing (German miniature) (Design: “Ute Mareczek”)

Jacqueline-Lorraine, $8360.00

Cast in “Dresden”porcelain, limited Edition 20 worldwide

98 cm / 38.5 " standing

Blonde genuine hair wig with little plaited pigtails, curled to knots. Hand-blown glass eyes, grey-green.

Lavish clothing, made in Biedermeier style, consisting of: Silk brocade skirt with ribbons and silk string ornaments. Matching top made of precious French silk taffeta, laid in cords, with silk brocade sleeves. Silk taffeta bow on the shoulders. Straps and silk taffeta yoke laid in cords.  Ornamented with blossom ribbons and buttons. White cotton undergarments with lace border.

Leather loafers with silk velvet bow and ribbons. Bonnet with velvet ribbon ornaments and raspberry decoration, silk taffeta ribbon.

Accessory: Lady Fashion Doll, Schmitt & Fils replica (Design: “Ute Mareczek”)

Riccarda, $7,950.00

Limited Edition 20 worldwide

76 cm / 29.5" sitting (head to toe)

Ginger curly wig made of genuine hair. Hand-blown glass eyes, two-coloured brown.

Delicate dress made of cotton tulle and tulle frills. Corsage top made of silk and tulle, with sleeves made of tulle frills in several layers. Silk underpants. Big, light sisal hat. Inside part lined with fine pleated silk. Velvet flower ornaments.

Accessory: Anthracite teddy bear "Rudolph" made of silk mohair with locket (Design: “Isolde von Malchus”)