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Pam Hamel 
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2001 Update! Pam is an extremely talented artist who since 1995 has participated in our annual doll show.  Last year she suffered with carpel tunnel and was unable to complete any work for the show and really hardly any original work.  This year Pam has really taken a break from doing original dolls and has gone into food catering! She is such a talented artist.  We hope she returns again to doing one of a kind work soon. We have just one of her adorable little angels left! Don't miss her! Hopefully we can convince Pam to sculpt some more more Santa's for us in the future and her adorable little Dollery Exclusive Elves.  Her Santa's just come to life!  We have seen quite a few Santa's in our business through the years, and Pam's work is among the best! Notice the attention to detail she gives to each, reasonable, one-of-a-kind piece. It is no wonder at all that Pam was nominated for a Award of Excellence in 1994. In 1995, just 7 years ago, we found one of Pam’s first Santas. He stood right out among the midst of many other artist dolls and he seemed to say "Look at me, I’m worth it". He certainly was, and the price tag on these fantastic Santas hasn’t changed much since then. That’s just the way Pam is - modest and fair. She continues to grow and her attention to detail is amazing. Her work is one of the best buys in the industry.  Pam's angels have hand-embroidered dresses and real dried flower baskets adorn these wonderful dolls.  We have always carried Pam's original work. She also does sculpting for Ganz.

 Fantastic Santas, Elves, Angels & One of kind little Girls
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  Grandfather Frost

One of a kind!

$999.99 -  SOLD

  Santa Riding Reindeer

One of a kind!  Available

$1,499.99 - SOLD

  Father Christmas

$899.99 SOLD


  Little Girls!Each One-of-a-Kind - Cernit - Approx. 16" - Sample not available but we will have at least two at our doll show! Stay tuned for further updates! You can also place special orders! $999.99  SOLD OUT 
  Angels! One-of-a-Kinds - Cernit face, hands, legs, cloth bodies - 7" sitting - 10" full length


  Exclusive Dollery Elves

ALL One-of-a-Kind - Cernit - 8" - Asst. styles available.

$89.99 each - only available thru our store. Sold out currently .  May take orders in the future.

1998 & prior years Santas, Elves, Angels & One of kind little Girls
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  African American Santa

One-of-a-Kind - Cernit

Show Priced: $899.00 SOLD

  Victorian Santa

One-of-a-Kind - Cernit

Sample Only! SOLD


  Yes, Virginia

One-of-a-Kind - Cernit


Hear the Artist   SOLD

  Angel With Pouty Face

One-of-a-Kind - Cernit - Approx. 7" sitting - Other Styles Available  Hear the Artist

$350.00 SOLD

  Victorian Santa

One-of-a-Kind Sample - Cernit

$895.00 SOLD

  Larger Victorian Angel

One-of-a-Kind Sample - Cernit

$995.00 - SAMPLE SOLD  

  Carousel Santa

One-of-a-Kind Sample - Cernit

$1,500.00 - SOLD

  Santa In Red

One-of-a-Kind - Cernit
Not Available


Cernit Santa


Approx. $1,000.00 - SOLD

All prices are subject to change.

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