Heloise’s Biography

Heloise's dolls are internationally recognized and on permanent display in a number of Swiss and French museums including the Musee’ des Arts Decoratif at the Louvre in Paris.   Her first original doll was sculpted in 1976 in fabric.  In 1982 she was among the first to use resin and has worked with it ever since as she feels it best captures the translucent complexion of a child. Heloise has created one-of-a-kind dolls since 1993, For a time she was doing limited editions up to 100 pieces.  Now, she limits the dolls to 10 with a choice of 2 different outfits.  These dolls are superb and in high demand and tend to sell out quickly. Some of Heloise’s dolls are full body sculpted resins (therefore more expensive than her resin dolls with cloth bodies). All have beautifully painted eyes with a glass glaze applied which makes the dolls look real. The dolls have human or mohair wigs.  Many of the dolls are free standing as well.  She sculpts young Caucasian and Asian girls.  She uses the finest fabrics including silk mousseline, flowered batiste, silk taffeta, silk velvets and vintage Chantilly lace.