2009 Heloise Dolls!

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Portrait of a young girl. She is free standing, 20.5 inches. Edition of 10 pieces from the original sculpture only. Brown curly mohair, with pigtails.
She is coming in 3 styles :

Blandine # 1
Aqua silk taffeta and silk mousseline dress.

Blandine # 2
Pink silk flowered dress,
$ 2,240.00
Blandine # 3 (not shown here)
White jacket and pants
$ 2,280.00
Portrait of a teenager girl, in a sitting position. Edition of 10 pieces, from the original sculpture only.  Light blond mohair.  She is 22" sitting,
(would be 31" if stood) coming in 2 styles:

Hermine # 1,
Long light blond mohair, straight style, with a thin pearled braid.
Brown silk velvet, vintage lace collar.

$ 2,480.00


Hermine #2,
Long light blond mohair, goffered style, with tiny flowers.  
Lilac silk taffeta dress, with white embroidered organdie.

$ 2,380.00