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Annette Himstedt

2011 update - Although Annette decided to sell directly in 2006; she went out of business in a couple of years. We carried her work for approximately 20 years  prior to this when she was with Mattel and on her own. She currently sells just her older dolls re-dressed. Contact her directly for them. Due to constant interest in Annette's dolls, we have started to act as a go-between for those looking to sell and those looking to buy. 

Click here to see dolls available to purchase.

Email if you would like to find out more information regarding certain dolls.  We will then contact the Seller and work out a price that is right for both of you. We will, of course, be taking a portion of the sale from the Seller.

If you have Himstedt dolls you want to sell or are looking for older Himstedt dolls email with a listing of what you have or what you would like to purchase. All dolls must be mint in box, no smoke damage, have certificates and be in excellent condition. We do not buy outright. We can discuss our 2nd market options with you via email. Thank you!

Want to list your 2nd market Himstedt doll here? Email actual photo of doll, description, price you are looking to get for the doll - bare minimum you will sell it for.  Contact

Looking to buy an older 2nd market Himstedt? We may be able to find it for you and Dollery certify it. Let us know how we can help!

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All dolls listed below are sold out. The links below are purely for informational use only.

2006 - Vinyl - Midyear

2006 - Vinyl - Atlantis Collection

2005 - Limited Editions

2004 mini Porcelains

2004 Mid Year Vinyl  - Limited Edition

2004 Vinyl  - Limited Editions

2003 Vinyl  - Limited

2002 Vinyl & Porcelain Dolls - Limited

2001 Vinyl & Porcelain Dolls - Limited

2000 Vinyl Dolls

1999 Vinyl Dolls

1998 Dolls

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