2005 Maggie Made Dolls!

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Allison SOLD OUT
A 75 piece edition priced at $875

In shades of lavender and plum, multiple textures of silk, felt and cottons, Allison is a work of textile art. Her silk pinafore is worn over a felt dress made up of layers of felt and sheer cotton. Sheer cotton sleeves and white felt begin to trim her dress and are complimented with embroidery and hand painted buttons. A flowering vine in shades of lavender and soft plum encircles her pinafore reflecting the color of the ribbon in her full-length human hair wig. Textured cream-colored tights are completed with dark plum leather shoes.



An edition of 100 priced at $650

As a collaboration between art and nature, this "Little Maggie" stands ready to take the cloth doll collector's heart. Her simple a-line dress is done in wool felt that Maggie has dyed in two shades of pink. A small potted garden of hand painted felt flowers stands amid a charming checkerboard border circling her skirt. She wears a pair of pink textured knee length socks and black leather maryjanes. The shoulder length of her brown mohair wig, pulled back with a pink felt headband, surrounds her precious face. Simply irresistible, simply Angie.


Annalise SOLD OUT

A 75 piece edition priced at $875

Every little girls moment, when she feels her most delicate femininity, is capture in the soft colors of Annalise's outfit. She wears an overdress of specially hand dyed felt, dyed only the way that Maggie can to create the soft shades and depths of pink. The felt flowers and leaves are enhanced with stenciling, hand painting and the final touch of cotton snowflake lace. The touch of two faux pearls add a bit of light that can only compliment her incredible face. Cream tights and black leather shoes complete her outfit. The upturned braids of her mohair wig are embellished with tiny felt flowers and leaves.



A 75 piece edition priced at $875

Inspired by thoughts of heirloom designs and romantic periods in costuming, Maggie brings to the collector a doll from the age of innocence. She wears a tiered, drop down overdress in sage green wool felt. The embroidery, felt flowers, and vine are in shades of cream, pale lavender, and dark plum. The suede waistband cascades in a generous bow down her back. Raw silk is used in her full lavender skirt where a touch of deep plum, in a painted border design, is added to match her leather shoes. The final romantic touches of upturned braids in her mohair wig and a suede strap necklace holding an amethyst colored teardrop will take you back to a time of innocence.


Meridith SOLD OUT

A 75 piece edition priced at $875

To take this design to its fullest, Maggie began with the subtle hues found in the silk flower at Merideth's waist. Taking wool felt and treating it as a canvas, Maggie has taken multiple shades of creams, raspberries, and golden brown to create the fabric for Merideth's jacket. Worn over a raw silk dress with delicate stitching at the borders of her sleeves and hem, the jacket is adorned with hand made suede covered buttons. Her molded felt hat is trimmed with deep plum suede to match her leather shoes. The soft curls of her mohair wig fall around a face, a face that you will fall in love with.



An edition of 100 priced at $650

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, Mia is as fresh as the breeze found on any shore. With the meticulous process of taking simple white felt and transforming it into the sense of sea and sky, Maggie creates Mia, a day at the shore. The hand painted deep blue of the sea is reflected in her embroidered waistband and the deep amethyst leather color used in her shoes is projected into the shade chosen by Maggie for her felt sailboat. The treasures of the shore are found in her faux pearl and gold necklace. The full-length mohair wig is held back with a white ribbon as Mia's stands, gazing out to sea, and into your imagination.



An edition of 100 priced at $650

Bringing you the magic and wonder of the world of fairies, Maggie has created Peony. With delicate wings of painted fabric, Peony will fly into your collection bringing you closer to the art Maggie is famous for. The shades of yellow and pink in the petals of her skirt are topped with a bodice of wool felt, painted with graduated shades of green and decorated with raspberry colored beads and stitching. Vines that entwine the braids of her dark blonde mohair wig are decorated with hand painted felt flowers and leaves. Her little fairy shoes are laced about her legs and she is ready to walk into your heart.