2008 Maggie Made Dolls!

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Charlotte & Wendy w/her Trunk - Both Dollery Favorites!

Charlotte comes to you in a petal skirt inspired by a 1920's fashion. Maggie feels she has captured the era and moment this little girl stepped into the room and took a seat in your heart. Here in Charlotte's outfit, you'll see Maggie's signature style all of her own. From the woven ribbon trimming her cream wool felt top to the tiny stitching over her floral accented bodice you will see that Maggie has chosen just the right silk for her sash. And of course, Maggie has dyed it to the perfect shade of sage to tie the perfect blow at the back and tie her entire ensemble together.

16 1/2" tall. Fully jointed. Edition of 60 - $925.00  SOLD OUT

Estimated Ship date is Late Autumn/Winter 2008

Wendy w/her Trunk - Dollery Favorite!

Sitting at  6 1/2" inches tall Wendy rings true that saying that great things do come in small packages. In her bashful pink wool felt dress and the tiniest of mary Jane shoes, Wendy will charm you in a big way. With a turn of her head she can strike a pose for you and when you're ready to play dolls Wendy's poseable hips, shoulders and hands will make it much more fun. Inside of her handmade felt trunk are more treasures for you and Wendy to play with including a new dress and jacket. There's even a felt hat to top off her outfits and a miniature bunny, dressed in his very own felt outfit, of course, her trunk which is 8" tall is also included.

6 1/2" tall doll) - 8" Trunk - Limited edition of 60

$695.00 - SOLD OUT

Estimated Ship date is Late Autumn/Winter 2008

Virginia - Dollery Favorite!

Always choosing the right colors Maggie brings you Virginia in rich shades of deep blush and coral blended with dark berry, periwinkle and ivory. She stands before you ready for a summer's day walk, the envy of the flowers along her path. With delicate stitching and embroidery, the detail of Virginia's dress will delight your eyes and when you hold her you will feel the softness and warmth of her entire outfit.  Maggie has carefully chosen each fabric for it's texture and dyed it to stimulate the senses of sight and touch. Adding a trace of lace to adorn her sleeves and a felt bonnet keeps the sun at bay, Virginia waits at the garden gate. Upturned mohair braids, frame her adorable face which just gets "come with me".

16 1/2" - Full jointed - Edition of 60 - $975.00 SOLD OUT


Maggie brings to you another expression of felt, "The Bride". Love and beauty rule the day. A perfect wedding planned and "the Bride" is glowing. As delicate as the fabrics chosen, Maggie has created the lighter than air feelings of gossamer and opulence. White wool felt, silks, and embroidered detail bring "The Bride" to you in all the splendor of that very special day. With the face of an angel she comes to you a moment after the ring has been slipped on her finger. Maggie's 15" adult fashion doll is transformed with a new sculpture that makes "The Bride" the center of all the attention and the center of your collection. The perfect day always meant finding the perfect dress...done. Maggie has created this stunningly beautiful gown that adorns her very first bride. Extravagant and finely detailed. "The Bride" is presented to you to enjoy for years to come. All eyes will be on the bride as she passes her guests with her eyes fixed on each and every detail Maggie has designed to create "The Bride".

15" Tall - Edition of 60 - $1,295.00 - SOLD OUT - email us to get put on our Waiting List in case any free up.

Estimated Ship date is Summer 2008