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Jutta Kissling


Jutta Kissling was born in 1942 in Olching near Munchen.  After finishing her commercial training she worked for some years abroad and when she returned she worked in advertising.  In 1983 she began to manufacture dolls in her spare time and in 1985 her first porcelain dolls were put on display at the Urnberg Toy fair.  Her initial success continued and in 1988 she was able to become self-employed.    From the design to its completion Jutta Kissling produces her porcelain dolls herself.  Her creations represent young girls or boys who are past the age of a small child and who show the first signs of developing their own personality.  It is these subdued expressions which let observers form their own interpretations.  Below are Jutta's new reasonable vinyl dolls which are produced in Germany by Waltershauser in limited editions under 250!. We have carried Jutta's work for years and love their simple expressions of innocence.  For further information on Jutta's porcelains contact Enjoy!

Thanks to Waltershauser for the artist write up above.

New 2000 Dolls - Click On Photos For Entire Image!


Ltd 250 Worldwide, 19" inches, vinyl. Dollery favorite! Adorable! Reasonable!



Ltd 250 Worldwide, 19" inches, vinyl.  Adorable!



Ltd 250 Worldwide, 19" inches, vinyl. Adorable!



Ltd 250 Worldwide, 19" inches, vinyl. Adorable! Reasonable!


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