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Elisabeth Lindner

2000 Update: "Gianna" is adorable and a dollery favorite!   Feel free to email with any further questions you have.

2000 Dolls

All dolls are Sold Out!

If you have one of these dolls to sell, please email Kim at  Thank you.
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Ltd. to one year production, 23 inches, vinyl - Adorable! Dollery favorite!

$450.00 SOLD OUT

  Morgana - Butterfly & Cocoon -9" inches

Ltd. 750, 34.5 inches, vinyl - Lovely.

$875.00 SOLD OUT


    Lara,  23" - $355.00 SOLD OUT

Philipp,  27.5 inches - $565.00 SOLD OUT

Phelomena, 27.5 inches - $565.00 SOLD OUT

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