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Margaret Mousa

New for 2006: Brand new work from Margaret now up! Margaret has big range of work available this year...from new babies, to adorable ethnic toddlers.. and our favorite "Boe Bae" in either version - adorable. Margaret also sculpts young ladies and men and ballerina's! We brought Margaret's work in for the first time last year.  This self taught Australian artist is relatively new to the doll world but has amazing talent. She was born in Cornwall England and was the only child of a Classical Ballerina and an Entomologist. Since 2000 Margaret has been doing reproduction dolls and for the last few years has been doing original sculpting. All of her editions are small usually under five pieces world wide.  Email for info on others in the line and to go on our mailing list for her work and receive our free color doll show catalogue.

Bio courtesy of the Artist:  "Margaret doesn't make dolls, she creates little people!" Her love of art was encouraged from an early age when she used to illustrate her fathers insect collection. Her mother taught her the finer points of needlework, a skill which has stayed and grown over the years. Her childhood was simple with a pencil and sketchpad in the meadows of England or a needle, thread and a piece material she was happy. Art was put on the "backburner" for a few years as she trained as a nurse, which is how she met her husband, a Surgeon. In 1980 they emigrated to Australia and now she thinks of the vastly different Australia as home. After the move she took up art again but this time with an Australian theme and enjoyed much success painting native Australian flora and fauna. Margaret is the mother of five, but has always made time for art and encouraged her children to pursue their creative talents. Why, when and where exactly she decided to make porcelain dolls, nobody including herself really knows. For whatever reason though it was probably the most positive move she has made in art, since she stopped painting a few years before. Margaret began making reproduction dolls in mid 2000 and quickly became bored with this and started sculpting originals. Those who know the process involved, would be able to appreciate the talent of this self taught doll artist, to come so far in such a short time. Even more so when you come to realize that where she lives, in Far North Queensland there are no doll teachers, no wig makers, no milliners and no shoe makers and worst of all there are no mold makers! There is not even a doll shop. She has taught herself every step of the way, learning only by trial and error. The magic of her dolls casts itself onto all who take the time to look, as the little people of Margaret's world shed a tear, raise a smile and tell a tale of their own. The little children and characters are the result of a simple thought and vision by the artist. With a block of clay and a burst of imagination a new life begins. Through every delicate brush stroke, life, color and personality is intricately instilled in the faces and bodies of these little people who, she has lovingly brought into the world. In context with her unique Australian touch within her art, the theme continued  with her dolls, taking special interest in sculpting aboriginal children and depicting stories of their diversity and culture throughout time. It  is in her unique and real depictions of life that her dolls can become the actors, and your imagination can create their screen play. Once a dear friend, who at the risk of sounding insane confessed to actually hearing the dolls talk to her;.. the thing is she said 'that she answered back' before she realized that she was talking to a doll. These creations are timeless and they capture life in a moment. The depth in there eyes almost divulges a soul and spirit unlike anyone could have imagined, from a block of clay and the bare hands of an artist mind! The ballerinas that she loves to sculpt are a tribute to her late mother and their beauty and grace come deep from her heart, sometimes she says while sculpting, she feels the presence of her mother working through her hands.


2006 DOLLS - Here are a handful of our favorites! Full line available. Email for more information.

Boe Bae Seated (above) - Dollery Favorite! $2,400
In Stock & Ready to Ship Now!
Boe Bae Standing
Bridal Party



Lily - Dollery Favorite for 2005 $3,000 SOLD!  Just beautiful! Email for further details. Call on availability of the rest of the line - 800-447-3655 out of  state or 781-447-6677 in Ma. Lily is ltd. to just 3 world wide. Porcelain w/cloth body and armature. Lily has a pretty cotton rose print dress with wool felt vest and silk ribbon trim. sLily is 27" inches, Ltd. 3 - She has leather shoes.Her eyes are painted and she has a hand knotted human hair wig tied up with pretty pink bows.She has an original mohair bear also with a wool felt vest and her dog "Poochy"**Poochy pattern courtesy of Lisa Pay Pedigrees Royal.




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