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Pauline Middleton

2010 Update! Pauline's work is just so unique. This fantastic artist from Australia specializes in small limited edition dolls made in porcelain.  She is currently only making one limited edition doll a year now!  These beautiful dolls boast of human hair or mohair wigs, glass eyes made by a real Optician and wonderful fabrics. Attention to detail is a given.  Email for further details and information now. 25% down confirms your order, balance is due when the doll comes in. We will work with you on extended delivery dates.   If you are interested in older dolls be sure to email and we can check on availability although they are usually sold out nationally at the beginning of  the year to dealers.

  Pauline began to sculpt and create her children in the mid 80's and has not only become recognized for her talent in her native Australia but internationally. Over the past seven years we have seen Pauline awarded with numerous awards for her work in the United States including IDEX and DOTY awards! Pauline works with her partner Bob from their studio home in the beautiful coastal village of Inverloch on the south east coast of Victoria, Australia.  Pauline says inspiration for her new work is gained from photographs from children seen in their travels and occasionally from visions in her mind. She has gained a reputation for her work portraying Australian Aboriginal children which have become her trademark. Pauline recently was quoted saying "The lips, eyes and noses of the Aboriginal children allow for such definition and are such an important aesthetic part of the final creation, they are such beautiful children". Pauline does create a wide variety of children dolls from all ethnic backgrounds.


"Becky"  $2,900.00 SOLD OUT

LE 10 Approx. 24 inches. Human hair wig.  Eyes made by Oculist.  Hand made dress by Pauline. She is the little sister to "Pene".  You can request Pene & Becky dressed in matching outfits.


 Pene, $2,950.00 SOLD OUT

LE 10, 30 inches tall, human hair wig.  Her eyes are made by an Oculist and her shoes are hand made leather.  You can request the style of clothing you want.  Only 2 were dressed as pictured. Inquire on available dresses- almost sold out.




2006 Dolls 



Sienna $2,700 SOLD

Our Dollery Favorite  - SIENNA:  LE 15 World Wide.  33 inches

Sienna above is resplendent in her white linen dress with smocked sleeves, pin tucked bodice and wide pin tucked waist band with covered buttons.  Under the dress she has a white Chemise and French knickers with heavy lace.  Finishing off the outfit are white hand made leather shoes.  Her earrings are beaded, and she wears a beaded necklace.  Sienna's hair (human hair) is detailed with a black and brown headband.

Email for further details or call 800-447-3655 ext 15 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 15 in state Ma.





















We had Pauline do our Sienna & Izzy in One of a Kind outfits for our Doll Show!  They are both dress in smocked white dresses. (Shown above)  they both wear white knickers and pretty white hand made leather shoes.  This is a clear shot of Izzy's face below but ours is in the white dress.

"Izzy"- Just Adorable! $2,700 SOLD  Ours is pictured above in the white dress standing next to Sienna.

IZZY:  LE 15 World Wide.  27 inches

Izzy's linen dress is in a pink shade with an orange and purple smocked bodice.  She wears a white lace Chemise and knickers under her beautiful dress.   Her curly human hair wig is littered with colorful bows.

Email for further details or call 800-447-3655 ext 15 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 15 in state Ma





2005 Dolls 

Alice (in purple dress, far left)


Sheria, and Linda (Center and Right) 

Really nice. Email for clear high resolution images and all the details. They actually were all great.

Call on Availability


Ava $1,300- is adorable in person and very reasonably priced. Nice for the collector who has wanted a Pauline Middleton but couldn't fit it in their collection due to the size. Email for further details or call 800-447-3655 ext 15 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 15 in state Ma.



Tilly, Thomas and Kelly - New smaller size for Pauline this year. Email for further details or call.



2003 Dolls  

  Simone, Rachael & Baby Emma   Dollery Favorites! (Left to right)
Simone 29", Rachael - 33", Baby Emma - 25" - Each Ltd to 20 pieces world wide. Porcelain. Rachael and Emma are sold out nationally to dealers. We have one Rachael Available and One Simone. Baby Emma is sold out. We are taking orders against our order. 25% down, bal.due when in. We can work with you on extended layaway. Email or call 800-447-3655 ext 0 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 0 in state Ma. 


All  of these beautiful dolls are presented in colorful cotton dresses that feature extensive hand smocking and embroidery.
They all have beautiful mesh cotton and lace petticoats, and cotton & lace britches.
Each of the girls will be sold with your selection of hand crafted soft toy.
There are four to choose from. Rachael (the big sister) has a children's book that she is reading
to the others, and she wears a pair of genuine spectacles.
The three girls have their outfits set off with hand made leather shoes and Rachael and Simone
have hand knitted socks made of fine New Zealand wool..

  Email for individual photos as we have not updated this page with them yet.

2002 Dolls  
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  Hayley -   Dollery Favorite!  SOLD OUT

Ltd. 20, 32 inches, porcelain with cloth body and armature in arms. Hayley has been sculpted from the photo of a beautiful girl. She is dressed in a magnificent pink cotton dress that has extensive smocking and embroidery or you can get in the beautiful white dress shown on the next page. She has a human hair wig and her hand made leather shoes have pink trim to set off her outfit (if you choose the pink).$2,400.00  - Email: 

  Tina   Dollery favorite!  SOLD OUT

Ltd. 20, 32",  porcelain, DOTY NOMINATION - She is a real beauty. Pauline says "look closely at her face and into her eyes and you can see the "life". She has magnificent lips and a superb outfit.
$2,400.00 - SOLD-  Sold out nationally.  Email:

  Ella  SOLD OUT

Ltd.20, 33",  porcelain. Ella is a classic beauty as Pauline puts it. She is dressed in a coffee colored dress with a handkercheif hemline. She has toning hand made leather shoes. Ella has a human hair wig but - may not be able to get any more of the same human hair. May have mohair wig. $2,400.00  Email: 

  Winnie (Little Girl)  SOLD OUT

Ltd.25, 19",  porcelain. $1,300.00  - Taking orders with a 25% deposit down, balance due when in and we can work with you on extended delivery dates. Call or email on availability. Email: 

  Jodie (smiling)  

Ltd. 20, 33 inches, porcelain - SOLD. $2,400.00 

2001 Dolls  
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  Maya -   Dollery Favorite!

Ltd. 20, 26" inches tall.  Maya has a full porcelain section from toes to waist with a cloth body up to her shoulder plate. This "cheeky" girl comes with the hand made Teddy Bear and Maya stands with the help of a clear stand. Her bottom is all porcelain and she is just adorable! Taking orders now. 25% down confirms your order, balance due when in. We can work with you on ship dates. Sold out nationally to dealers.
$2,600.00 - SOLD 

  Dayna   Beautiful!

Ltd. 20, 33",  porcelain - Dayna is posed seated (as is Sonya) and both girls have lovely petticoats and britches under there stunning outfits.Dayna is described by her artists as a beautiful, sweet young lady. Taking orders now. 25% down confirms your order, balance due when in. We can work with you on ship dates. Sold out nationally to dealers. 
$2,400.00 - SOLD


Ltd.20, 33",  porcelain. Sonya is described by the artists as having quizical, worried look but with a rare beauty that Pauline has been able to capture.Pauline sculpted Sonja from a photo found in a children's clothing magazine. Sold out nationally to dealers. 
$2,400.00   SOLD OUT 

2000 Dolls  
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Photos For Entire Image Photos For Entire Image

  Ayla   Dollery Favorite!

Ltd.25, 33",  porcelain

$2,400 - SOLD OUT


Ltd. 20, 33",  porcelain

$2,400 - SOLD OUT


  Rose2 - Asian

Ltd.20, 33",  porcelain

$2,400 - SOLD OUT

  Tamika - Native American

Ltd. 20, 32", porcelain

$2,400 - SOLD OUT

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