Rotraut Schrott Biography

Rotraut has been known as a master sculptor since 1981.  Her first ever appearance in the USA was at our 1988 Doll Show.  She sculpted for Gadco who then produced her work in porcelain and vinyl at the time.   She left Gadco in 1999 and returned to creating her own original one of a kind work.  Many of our famous artists were originally inspired by Rotraut.  Others have studied her books and admired her work before they even began doll making.  Her dolls are made of Cernit with a cloth body.  She paint the eyes and uses human hair.   She finds the most amazing and unique antique fabrics, dresses and accessories for her dolls.  She only sculpts about 5-10 one-of-a-kind dolls a year and says that she will be doing less from now on.