2005 Jamie Williamson Dolls!

Contact Kim kmalone@dollery.com or call 1-781-447-6677


ALL NEW FOR 2005 - O/K -  $5,700 usd SOLD - EMAIL kmalone@dollery.com to be added to our mailing list to be notified on her new work.
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Email kmalone@dollery.com for further details on this magnificent doll or call 800-447-3655 ext 15 out of state or 781-447-6677 ext 15 in state Ma.  You can also email kmalone@dollery.com for higher resolution photos of her.

Jamie's dolls are cernit w/cloth and wire armature. They have ranged in size from 12" inches to 40" inches. Human hair, Mohair or a combination of both and hand blown eyes adorm her dolls. Elaborate backdrops and detailed clothing are all done by Jamie. One of a kind individual dolls now sell in the $5700.00 - $9,000 price range with most being over $6,500.00. This is a very good piece and an excellent value at $5700.00. SOLD



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