Jamie Williamson Biography

Jamie had this to say: “I was born Jamie Anselmo on July 4, 1965, in Rochester, New York.  I have always had an eye and love for art. Even at an early age, my Mom was never surprised to find I had abandoned my other toys for a pad of paper and finger paints.

I married and took the name Williamson in 1984.  I became a Mom in 1986 and my love for art and creating it, needed to be put on hold for awhile. As my children got a little older, I wanted to send my children to a private school.  To do this, I needed to make a little extra money and I found myself making cloth dolls.  Soon after, I began selling them at country stores and art shows. I bought a doll magazine after a year or so and soon discovered what artists were creating with polymer clay.  After just one day I knew what I wanted to do. At first I couldn’t give my work away, I just wasn’t satisfied enough, but after several months I felt confident enough to start sending out pictures of my work to different doll shops.

Today, I have more adults than children in the house.  I find I have more time to dedicate to my art.  I feel as the years pass by I continue to stretch my abilities and gifts. I love doing pieces with themes including Angels and Fairies and also Religious vignettes. I love the freedom I have to express myself through my art, and I hope I can continue to take it to new levels.

My favorite thing about creating dolls is seeing the joy and smiles, and feeling the appreciation and love of art that this brings to myself and those of you who acquire them.”

The Cernit dolls Jamie has done for us have ranged in height from 12” – 40”.  They generally have a cloth body and wire armature.  She uses human hair, mohair and/or a combination of both.  The eyes are German glass or hand blown glass.  After first attending our 2002 Doll Show, she introduced her Royal Highness series at our 2005 Show and gave us exclusive rights. Since then we have also had exclusive rights to her Angels.  Jamie, who makes about 10 dolls a year, dresses her dolls in gorgeous silks, tulles, antique laces and vintage pearl and beaded trims.  Her woodland fairies have hand-made wings painted with chalk pastels.  The stunning backdrops and thrones are made of hand-carved solid wood.